Many kinds of old, heathen, imperial pennies and the like antiquities

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German princely collections of the Renaissance grew out of humanist practice, but there is little direct evidence of that transition. This is one reason why scholars often turn to the well-documented collecting activities of Albrecht V of Bavaria, especially in his greatly changed but still extant Antiquarium. This paper, on the other hand, examines the vanished antiquities of his cousin, Ottheinrich, Elector Palatine, who left a wealth of documents detailing how he assembled and displayed his collections. Ottheinrich's documents enable us better to trace how princes adopted humanist collecting in the second quarter of the sixteenth century. Other evidence indicates that, in addition to Albrecht, he also influenced successive electors Palatine. Later events destroyed the Palatine collections and caused Ottheinrich's importance to be forgotten, although major collections rest on foundations that he laid. © 2011 The Authors.

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Journal of the History of Collections

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