Death on the danube

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© Jonathan Davies 2013. Peter Paul Rubens diplomatic career seems to have earned him particular respect from his contemporaries quite apart from his artistic excellence. He had studied classical antiquities and Renaissance and Baroque works first-hand. Albert and Isabella, the Spanish regents of Southern Netherlands, which remained loyal to Spain, were making independent efforts to ensure lasting peace. Rubens’ own desire, which coincided with the archdukes, was first and foremost to achieve peace for his homeland. Rubens argued in favour of stoking a civil war in France, which would be to Spain’s advantage. A careful reading of Roger De Piles similarly reveals appreciation of beauty and horror in ‘The Battle of the Amazons’. Moreover, with the fame of his art reaching far and wide, with princely and ecclesiastical patrons all over Europe, with other high-level international contacts, he became an invaluable asset to the Spanish monarchy.

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Aspects of Violence in Renaissance Europe

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