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Increasing Tourism in the Shoals Area


Collier Library

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Dr. Michael Pretes

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23-4-2019 1:00 PM

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23-4-2019 2:00 PM

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Poster Presentation


"Increasing Tourism in the Shoals Region, Alabama

Graham Herston

Tourism has the potential to create new jobs and bring economic prosperity to an area. Despite not being located along an interstate highway, the Shoals Region of Alabama has considerable potential for increasing tourism. This project will investigate local views about increasing tourism. Methods will include surveying local residents as well as visitors, conducting a social media survey of non-visitors in order to assess their knowledge of the area, and interviewing local tourism officials as a way of identifying local perspectives. My focus will be on the musical heritage of the region and how the Shoals can better position itself on the Music Trail that extends from Nashville to the Mississippi Delta and New Orleans. Results will help tourism planners target potential visitors. (Note: this poster will present proposed research, and not completed research.)"

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Apr 23rd, 1:00 PM Apr 23rd, 2:00 PM

Increasing Tourism in the Shoals Area

Collier Library