An examination of selfish and selfless motives: A review of the social psychological and behavioral economics literature

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© 2017, IGI Global. Current behavioral economics/game theory and social psychology literature have been captivated by theidea of altruism and egoism. In large part, these two disciplines have tried to determine the foundationof selfish and selfless behavior, without much result. The current chapter examines the root issues associatedwith this inquiry and argues for a shift in attention towards factors associated with cooperation. As such, empirical research from both disciplines is presented to show the advancements in relation toidentification of these factors. Additionally, the authors offer a possible solution to the fractured literaturein the form Weber, Kopelman, and Messick's (2004) dual process model in an effort to merge findingsfrom both disciplines in an attempt progress this line of research.

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Applied Behavioral Economics Research and Trends

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