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We live in an ever connected and digital world which brings great convenience, capability, and comfort to our modern quality of life, but at the same time introduces significant threats and vulnerabilities as well when things fall apart or fail, as they most likely do in crisis and disaster. The purpose of this article is to provide a critical review and state of the current and future security environment related to the various areas of social media and emerging technology that impact policy, preparedness, operations, and response within crisis and disaster situations. Ultimately, we find that some of our biggest opportunities within these areas are also likewise some of the biggest potential challenges and threats we are likely to face going forward within the realm of corporative security. While we may choose to ignore these, or discount their impact in the short term, it is increasingly apparent to the enlightened observer, that they will likely manifest themselves as critical vulnerabilities and potential points of failure in the mid to long term if we do not begin to address them.

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Contemporary Concept of Corporate Security

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