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Does the cultural context of any criminal justice element, ranging from the crime victim to the forensic science expert, have any impact on the pursuit of justice? Is forensic science completely free of cultural adulteration? Two dimensions of the cultural consideration variable this paper focuses on are (1), what areas of forensic analysis need to be considered to prevent, or at least, diminish cultural offenses in processing crime scenes and forensic evidence, and (2) the need of forensic science professionals and organizations to adopt a consistent scientific culture in processing and analyzing evidence (particularly in DNA analysis). While many empirical sources have addressed individual criminal justice elements in the context of cultural considerations, the writers found an empirical research void that holistically addresses the spectrum of crime scene investigation and the pursuit of justice in terms of cultural considerations in forensic science. The goal of this paper is to provide the reader with an overview of culture, in general, and how culture impacts the pursuit of justice in the context of crime scene investigation and forensic science, both negatively and positively.