First theoretical study of the 3p absorption cross section of free Cr+

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Multielectron calculations for the 3p absorption cross section of free Cr+(3d56S) are reported for the first time. The calculations were performed within the 'spin-polarized' random-phase approximation with exchange. Reasons are given why the 3p → 3d giant resonance of Cr+ is incomparably broader than that of Cr, whereas the rest of the 3p → (n ≥ 4)d 6P7/2,5/2/,3/2 Rydberg structure of Cr+ is incomparably weaker compared to Cr. Good agreement with experimental data is obtained with regard to the 3p → 4s 6P7/2,5/2/,3/2 resonance structure, and qualitative agreement with regard to the rest of the 3p → (n ≥ 4)l 6P7/2,5/2/,3/2 Rydberg structures. Surprisingly strong quantitative discrepancies between the theoretical and experimental data are found in the high-frequency shoulder of the giant 3p → 3d resonance. Additional investigations of the Cr+ 3p absorption, both experimental and theoretical, could help to understand better what is 'wrong' with the 3p absorption of Cr+.

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Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics

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