Inner-shell 3p → 4s and 3p → 3d resonances in the photoionization of excited manganese

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First 'benchmark; calculations are reported for the resonant behaviour of the 3p → 4s and 3p → 3d structures in both the 3d photoionization cross section, σ3d, and 3d photoelectron anisotropy parameter, β3d, for Mn*(3d54s14p16P). It is shown that, unlike Cr and Cr*, there are only small differences in σ3d β3d between Mn and Mn*. It is fouad that, similarly to an analogous prodiction for Mn+, the ordering of the 3p → 4s and giant 3p → 3d resonances in β3d for Mn*(3d54s14p1) (and other differently excited Mn atoms) is opposite to that in σ3d. Investigators are thus provided with species for which the effect of the permutation of the resonance structures in β3d as compared to σ3d can be verified experimentally much more easily than for Mn+, because these species are neutral atoms. The calculated results were obtained within the 'spin-polarized' random phase approximation with exchange.

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Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics

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