'Masking' effects in the photoelectron beta-parameter spectrum

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A 'masking' effect in the photoelectron angular asymmetry β-parameter spectrum is discovered and exemplified by calculations of the 3p → 4s 6Pj=7/2.5/2.3/2 and giant 3p → 3d neighbouring autoionizing resonance structures in β3d(ω) of the Cr+(3d56S) ion. The effect results in the 3p → 4s 6P7/2.5/2.3/2 fine-structure resonances, well developed for the β3d(ω) for each of the three final j-states, being smoothed out, i.e. 'masked' in a total spectrum of β3d(ω), where the individual j-states are unresolved. Also the Cr+ ion turns out to be the first example showing 'q-reversal' and 'width narrowing' effects in the β3d(ω)-parameter spectrum, which were recently predicted. The 'spin-polarized' random-phase approximation with exchange was used in the present calculations.

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Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics

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