Trends in near-threshold photoionization of off-the-center endohedral atoms

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Fundamental trends in angle-resolved photoionization cross sections of both at-the-center and off-the-center endohedral atoms as well as how these effects might vary from atom to atom were established. To this end, the differential photoionization cross sections of the s shells of the Li and Ar atoms in LiΓ60 and ArΓ60 molecules as a function of the shift of the confined atoms from the center of the C60 cage to its outer surface and beyond, and study the evolution of the shape of the photoelectron angular distribution. As such, the calculated photoelectron angular distribution results presented for the s subshells of fixed-in-space endohedral atoms AΓ60(A=Li,Ar) lead to some general conclusions.

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Physical Review A - Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics

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