Role of polarizability of a CN fullerene cage in A@CN photoionization and e--CN scattering: The size effect

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© 2019 IOP Publishing Ltd. We show that, in contradiction to intuitive perception, the impact of polarization of a CN cage by the outgoing photoelectron on photoionization of a A@CN endohedral atom decreases as the size of CN increases. This is counter-intuitive, owing to the fact that the polarizability of CN drastically increases with the increase of N. Furthermore, we demonstrate that this is also in contrast to the polarization impact on elastic electron scattering off empty fullerenes; for the latter, the bigger the CN cage (the greater its polarizability), the greater the polarization impact is on the scattering process. We provide researchers with a 'relative frame of reference' for understanding how the increase in the size of the cage affects the polarization impact on the corresponding photoionization and electron scattering processes. Our findings are supported by the direct calculations of the photoionization and electron scattering cross sections for selected fullerene cages from 'dwarf' C20 to 'giant' C240. The calculations are performed in the framework of a semi-empirical modeling of CN and A@CN fullerene systems obtained with and without account for the dipole static polarizability of a fullerene cage.

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Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics

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