Nondipole effects in the photoabsorption of electrons in two-centre zero-range potentials

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The photoabsorption by an electron bound by a two-centre potential has been investigated within the framework of the zero-range potential model. Expressions for the photoelectron angular distribution have been derived for fixed-in-space and randomly oriented targets and are used to analyse the role played by both nondipole and molecular effects in near-threshold photoabsorption. It is found that, as in the case of hydrogen-like atoms, the nondipole effects in this model system vary as v/c (v and c are the speeds of the photoelectron and light, respectively) and near threshold they are small. The molecular effects due to the two-centre initial state structure, and the photoelectron multiple scattering by the centres in the final continuum state, rapidly decrease as 1/R2, with the increase of the distance R between the atoms of the molecule.

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Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics

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