Fast charged-particle impact ionization of endohedral atoms

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The differential generalized oscillator strengths for ionization of the s subshells of He and Ne atoms encapsulated inside a fullerene, 60 cage, along with the single differential cross sections for ionization by fast electrons are calculated. The calculations have been performed using the two different model potentials to represent the fullerene shell. It is shown that the modulations of the wave function of the ejected electron caused by the interference between direct ejection and the waves scattered by the fullerene shell result in confinement resonances in the generalized oscillator strengths and the resulting impact-ionization cross sections. When the energy transfer to the target is close to that of the giant plasmon resonance in C60, the interchannel interaction of the atomic ionization channels with the C60 ionization channels significantly influences the cross section for impact ionization of the confined atom. The formulas describing this interaction are derived and it is shown that for small momentum transfer this interaction is related to the dynamic polarizability of C60. The general formulas are used to calculate impact ionization both of the He atom confined in C60 and of the empty C60 cage. The cross section of the latter process is compared to available experimental data. © 2009 The American Physical Society.

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Physical Review A - Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics

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