Radial velocity studies of close binary stars. XV

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Radial velocity (RV) measurements and sine curve fits to the orbital RV variations are presented for the last eight close binary systems analyzed in the same way as in the previous papers of this series: QX And, DY Cet, MR Del, HI Dra, DD Mon, V868 Mon, ER Ori, and Y Sex. For another seven systems (TT Cet, AA Cet, CW Lyn, V563 Lyr, CW Sge, LV Vir, and MW Vir), phase coverage is insufficient to provide reliable orbits but RVs of individual components were measured. Observations of a few complicated systems observed throughout the David Dunlap Observatory (DDO) close binary program are also presented; among them is an especially interesting multiple system V857 Her which - in addition to the contact binary - very probably contains one or more subdwarf components of much earlier spectral type. All suspected binaries which were found to be most probably pulsating stars are briefly discussed in terms of mean RVs and projected rotation velocities (vsin i) as well as spectral-type estimates. In two of them, CU CVn and V752 Mon, the broadening functions show a clear presence of nonradial pulsations. The previously missing spectral types for Paper I are given here in addition to such estimates for most of the program stars of this paper. © 2009. The American Astronomical Society. All rights reserved.

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Astronomical Journal

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