Electron elastic scattering off A@ C60: The role of atomic polarization under confinement

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© 2015 American Physical Society. The present paper explores possible features of electron elastic scattering off endohedral fullerenes A@C60. It focuses on how dynamical polarization of the encapsulated atom A by an incident electron might alter scattering off A@C60 compared to the static-atom-A case, as well as how the C60 confinement modifies the impact of atomic polarization on electron scattering compared to the free-atom case. The aim is to provide researchers with a "relative frame of reference" for understanding which part of the scattering processes could be due to electron scattering off the encapsulated atom and which could be due to scattering off the C60 cage. To meet the goal, the C60 cage is modeled by an attractive spherical potential of a certain inner radius, thickness, and depth which is a model used frequently in a great variety of fullerene studies to date. Then, the Dyson equation for the self-energy part of the Green's function of an incident electron moving in the combined field of an encapsulated atom A and C60 is solved in order to account for the impact of dynamical polarization of the encaged atom upon e+A@C60 scattering. The Ba@C60 endohedral is chosen as the case study. The impact is found to be significant, and its utterly different role compared to that in e+Ba scattering is unraveled.

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Physical Review A - Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics

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