Effects of target polarization in electron elastic scattering off endohedral A@ C60

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© 2017 American Physical Society. We have developed an efficient approximation to describe the low-energy electron elastic scattering off an endohedral fullerene A@CN. It accounts for polarization of A@CN by incoming electrons without reference to complicated details of the electronic structure of CN itself. The developed approach has permitted us to unravel spectacular A@CN polarization effects in low-energy e-+A@CN elastic scattering, particularly the effects due to interelectron interaction between the electrons of both CN and A. We show that contribution of a single atom A remains unscreened by the multiatomic CN despite the fact that the projectile's wavelength is bigger than the size of the target. Inclusion of A and CN polarizability interference leads to violation of the previously predicted phase additivity rule. The partial scattering cross sections acquire prominent Ramsauer-type minima which, however, disappear in the total cross section. The study reveals notable trends in e-+A@CN elastic scattering versus the polarizability of an encapsulated atom. We also predict the existence of certain negative ions A@CN-. We chose Ne, Xe, and Ba as atoms A, and C60 as the endohedral CN, as the case study. The work focuses on a reasonable compromise between the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the problem in general rather than on carrying out detailed calculations for one particular system.

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Physical Review A

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