Radial velocity studies of close binary stars. VI

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Radial velocity measurements and sine-curve fits to the orbital velocity variations are presented for the sixth set of 10 close binary systems: SV Cam, EE Cet, KR Com, V410 Cyg, GM Dra, V972 Her, ET Leo, FS Leo, V2388 Oph, and II UMa. All systems except FS Leo are double-lined spectroscopic binaries. The type of FS Leo is unknown, while SV Cam is a close, detached binary; all remaining systems are contact binaries. Eight binaries (all except SV Cam and V401 Cyg) are the recent photometric discoveries of the Hipparcos satellite project. Five systems, EE Cet, KR Com, V401 Cyg, V2388 Oph, and II UMa, are members of visual/ spectroscopic triple systems. We were able to observe EE Cet separately from its companion, but in the remaining four triple systems we could separate the spectral components only through the use of the broadening-function approach. Several of the studied systems are prime candidates for combined light and radial velocity synthesis solutions.

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Astronomical Journal

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