Radial velocity studies of close binary stars. IX

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Radial velocity measurements and sine-curve fits to the orbital velocity variations are presented for the eighth set of 10 close binary systems: AB And, V402 Aur, V445 Cep, V2082 Cyg, BX Dra, V918 Her, V502 Oph, V1363 Ori, KP Peg, and V335 Peg. Half of the systems (V445 Cep, V2082 Cyg, V918 Her, V1363 Ori, and V335 Peg) were discovered photometrically by the Hipparcos mission, and all systems are double-lined (SB2) contact binaries. The broadening function method permitted improvement of the orbital elements for AB And and V502 Oph. The other systems have been observed for radial velocity variations for the first time; in this group are five bright (V < 7.5) binaries: V445 Cep, V2082 Cyg, V918 Her, KP Peg, and V335 Peg. Several of the studied systems are prime candidates for combined light and radial velocity synthesis solutions.

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Astronomical Journal

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