Radial velocity studies of close binary stars. XI

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Radial-velocity measurements and sine-curve fits to orbital radial velocity variations are presented for 10 close binary systems: DU Boo, ET Boo, TX Cnc, V1073 Cyg, HL Dra, AK Her, VW LMi, V566 Oph, TV UMi, and AG Vir. With this contribution, the David Dunlap Observatory program has reached the point of 100 published radial velocity orbits. The radial velocities have been determined using an improved fitting technique that uses rotational profiles to approximate individual peaks in broadening functions. Three systems, ET Boo, VW LMi, and TV UMi, are found to be quadruple, while AG Vir appears to be a spectroscopic triple. ET Boo, a member of a close visual binary with P vis = 113 yr, was previously known to be a multiple system, but we show that the second component is actually a close, noneclipsing binary. The new observations have enabled us to determine the spectroscopic orbits of the companion, noneclipsing pairs in ET Boo and VW LMi. A particularly interesting case is VW LMi, for which the period of the mutual revolution of the two spectroscopic binaries is only 355 days. While most of the studied eclipsing pairs are contact binaries, ET Boo is composed of two double-lined detached binaries, and HL Dra is a single-lined detached or semidetached system. Five systems of this group have been observed spectroscopically before: TX Cnc, V1073 Cyg, AK Her (as a single-lined binary), V566 Oph, and AG Vir, but our new data are of much higher quality than in the previous studies. © 2006. The American Astronomical Society. All rights reserved.

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Astronomical Journal

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