Angle-differential elastic electron scattering off Mn

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© 2017 American Physical Society. Angle-differential elastic electron-scattering cross section, dσdΩ, for a 20-eV electron collision with a half-filled-subshell Mn(...3d54s2,S6) atom is studied using a semiempirical static polarization potential of the atom in the calculations. The study is in order, primarily due to noticeable discrepancies between results of the only two existing experimental measurements of the differential cross section, as well as discrepancies between the experimental results and available theoretical data. The calculation of dσdΩ is performed in the framework of the spin-polarized Hartree-Fock approximation modified by the addition of the Bates static polarization potential Vpol(r) into the equations. An element of the study is the utilization of individual static dipole polarizabilities, α4s↑ and α4s↓, of the 4s electrons with opposite spin orientations (4s↑ and 4s↓ electrons) from the atomic 4s2 subshell. They are calculated and used for the subsequent calculation of Vpol(r) and, finally, dσdΩ. The utility of the model is proven by a good agreement between the results of a trial calculation of dσdΩ and corresponding trial calculated results obtained in the framework of a sophisticated random phase approximation with exchange. The results of the subsequent final calculation of dσdΩ are compared with the experimental data along with the available theoretical results obtained in the framework of a spin-polarized local density approximation. Renewed theoretical and experimental studies of the 20-eV dσdΩ of Mn are urged.

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Physical Review A

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