The case of a unique autoionization decay dynamic: The 3p ® nd resonances in cr

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A unique autoionization decay dynamic is encountered in Cr. It embraces several correlated processes. First the 3p ®3d and the rest of the 3p® nd resonant excited orbitals are subject to dramatic orbital anti-collapse. Second, the giant 3p ® 3d resonance and the rest of the 3p® nd Rydberg series are essentially configurationally mixed with one another. Third, what is particularly unusual is that the giant 3p ® 3d resonance decays while the orbital anti-collapse is in full progress. This dramatically affects not only the final parameters of the 3p ®3d resonance itself, but through the configuration mixing this critically reflects on those for the rest of the 3p ® nd Rydberg series. All this finally results in the unique resonance structure in the 3p absorption spectrum of Cr, which has been a puzzle for many years. A way to introduce what are called the ‘relaxed transition states’ for the 3p ® 3d autoionizing decay and thus to describe correctly the whole resonance structure in Cr is proposed. Good agreement between the calculated and experimental data for the Cr 3p absorption is achieved. © 1993 IOP Publishing Ltd.

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Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics

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