Validity of resumé reviewers' inferences concerning applicant personality based on resumé evaluation

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Recruiters infer personal traits from job applicants' resumés and use these inferences in evaluating job applicants' employability. No research to date, however, has determined if resumé reviewers' inferences of applicants' personality drawn solely from resumé biographical data are valid. In the present study, resumé reviewers (N = 52) examined one of two applicant resumés and then described the applicant's personality based on the Big 5 taxonomy. Validities of reviewers' inferences concerning applicant personality were assessed by correlating resumé reviewers' judgments with applicants' self-reported Big 5 personality scores. Results suggested that valid personality inferences are possible based solely on resumé evaluation. We also found evidence suggesting that attending a brief training session may enhance reviewers' accuracy when inferring applicants' personality from resumé information. © 2005 Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

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International Journal of Selection and Assessment

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