Uncertainty, strategy and performance in SMES: Evidence from China, Turkey, and the United States

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Numerous competitive strategy-performance studies have been published, but relatively few have assessed industries in emerging economies. This study examined the strategy-performance linkage among small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in China, Turkey, and the United States. The combination strategy-performance linkage was supported in Turkey and the U.S. In China, however, the highest performing strategic group emphasized a focus orientation accompanied by neither cost leadership nor differentiation, and the lowest performing group was comprised of low cost businesses. Findings suggest that managers in all three nations comprehend the concepts of differentiation, cost leadership, and focus, but the means by which these strategic emphases are employed can differ markedly.

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Academy of Management 2011 Annual Meeting - West Meets East: Enlightening. Balancing. Transcending, AOM 2011

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