Benchmarking Tendencies in Managerial Mindsets: Prioritizing Stockholders and Stakeholders in Peru, South Africa, and the United States

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Managers in Peru, South Africa, and the United States were classified into four groups along Singhapakdi et al. (J Bus Ethics 15:1131-1140, 1996) Perceived Role of Ethics and Social Responsibility (PRESOR) scale. In Peru and the United States, individuals in the ethics andsocial responsibility first category reported greater satisfaction with organizational performance than did those in the profits first category. Moral capitalists-individuals who report high emphases on both social responsibility and profits-reported the highest satisfaction with performance in the United States. Managers in the United States are more likely than their counterparts in Peru and South Africa to reject the mutual exclusivity of prioritizing social responsibility and profits simultaneously. Directions for future research are outlined. © 2013 Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht.

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Journal of Business Ethics

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