Evaluation on ecologically sustainable development on liaohe oil field

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© Foundation Environmental Protection & Research-FEPR. The rapid growth of the gas industry has been coupled with substandard management and ecological concerns in recent years. The rapid development of the global economy contributes to the increasing demand for energy and higher oil prices, further impacting the world’s energy distribution networks. For China, the security of energy supply and the ecological sustainability of its development represent important issues. China’s Liaohe Oil Field, a complex, state-owned enterprise that mainly engages in the exploration of oil and gas, is considered to be the third largest oil field and the leading supplier of heavy oil, super heavy oil, and high pour-point oil in the country. Nonetheless, its ecologically sustainable development has been constrained by factors such as the scarcity of energy, worker redundancy, and high labor costs. Using the Liaohe Oil Field as an example, this paper applies an evaluation indexation system based on the harmonious development theory, sustainable development theory and general system theory. Strategies for the ecologically sustainable development of the Oil Field are also proposed.

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