A Class of Loops Categorically Isomorphic to Bruck Loops of Odd Order

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We define a new variety of loops, Γ-loops. After showing Γ-loops are power-associative, our main goal is showing a categorical isomorphism between Bruck loops of odd order and Γ-loops of odd order. Once this has been established, we can use the well known structure of Bruck loops of odd order to derive the Odd Order, Lagrange and Cauchy Theorems for Γ-loops of odd order, as well as the nontriviality of the center of finite Γ-p-loops (p odd). Finally, we answer a question posed by Jedlička, Kinyon and Vojtěchovský about the existence of Hall π-subloops and Sylow p-subloops in commutative automorphic loops. © 2014 Copyright Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

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Communications in Algebra

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