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There are many advantages to working at a large state university, some include more diversified academic offerings, bigger budgets, and name recognition. However, smaller state universities offer a plethora of advantages as well. In this poster, two former research and instruction librarians from the University of Alabama will present the upsides of their new positions at the University of North Alabama and Jacksonville State University. They will highlight the many advantages of downsizing, including closer collaboration with students, getting to know your faculty and administration across campus, and “service to the profession” opportunities that are unique to smaller schools. Both librarians will discuss how opportunities for hybrid embedded librarianship, research collaboration with faculty, and more specified outreach initiatives are leading to not just cross-collaborations with departments and colleges, but within the larger community as a whole. They will highlight how smaller schools require them to acquire new skill sets, leading to growth in the professional knowledge base. They will also discuss how they adjusted their expectations and adapted their big-school ideas to a smaller environment. Both will also provide tips and tricks they found useful in dealing with stress during their transitions and the acquirement of new roles and responsibilities.




Academic Librarianship, Collaboration, Job Change, Midsize Universities


Information Literacy | Library and Information Science | Scholarly Communication


Poster presented at the Alabama Library Association 2018 conference in Florence, AL.

The Upsides of Downsizing



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