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Tired of the same old scavenger hunt to teach First-Year students how to locate materials in the library? Ready to retire the PowerPoint that just shows students where things are located on the library’s website? Looking for a new way to engage your students with active participation and learning? In this workshop the presenters will share the details of their successful Breakout.Edu First-Year program – including information on how to develop, use, and assess an Escape Room game for your library orientation programs. They will also share the results of their year-long assessment of the game which show significant changes in student information retention rates compared to more traditional forms of FYE programs. Best of all, they are bringing their kits and will give you a chance to “break out” of the traditional and into the innovative world of team-based strategy. Come prepared for fun and learning.




Escape Room, First Year Experience, Freshmen, Information Literacy, Assessment


Information Literacy | Library and Information Science


Originally presented at the Alabama Library Association annual conference, AACRL/CUS Best Practices Session, April 2018

Breaking Out of Boring Scavenger Hunts: Using an Escape Room to Teach Library Literacy



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