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Outreach programs on University campuses are crucial to reaching students who may not otherwise be introduced to the library and the services that the library can offer. In addition to traditional library liaison work with colleges within the university as a whole, it is important to develop outreach programs to work with students in academic support services. At the University of Alabama Libraries we have partnered with the Student Support Services TRiO program, a grant-funded program through the U. S. Department of Education that works to increase the retention and graduation rates of first generation college students, students with limited family income, and students with disabilities.

We have developed a program that utilizes a combination of classroom instruction in the library and outreach hours at the Student Support Services building, we are able to engage with the students on multiple levels while remaining cognizant of any accommodations they may require. We provide instruction on utilizing the library’s website as well as one-on-one consultations for students who need research support.

Although this program is only in its second semester it has proved quite successful and we see great potential for expansion to other non-traditional academic services on campus.

This poster was originally presented at the Alabama Library Association annual convention, April 2016

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Outreach, TRIO, Student Support, First Generation Students


Information Literacy | Library and Information Science

The University of Alabama Libraries and Student Support Services (SSS) Partnership: Non-Traditional Outreach to Academic Support Programs



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