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In the summer of 2016 we began our transition from ILLiad to Tipasa. ILLiad was a highly regarded and deeply loved program for our library staff. So, transitioning required a lot of examination in workflows, procedures, and processes. There were, of course, things we wish were different. However, there are many new and exciting opportunities that were available because of the transition. Many of which are loved by our internal staff and external faculty, staff, and students.

This presentation will cover the challenges in the transition, what we did to overcome them, and what was different in comparison to ILLiad. It will relate what we loved about ILLiad to what we love about Tipasa. It will cover new features that we use frequently, and enhancements that we hope for in the future. Overall, it will highlight our journey, communication, and complete experience now that Tipasa is our way of practice and ILLiad is a memory.

Presentation given at the 2019 OCLC Resource Sharing Conference.

Presentation Date

Spring 3-20-2019


Jacksonville, FL


Tipasa, ILL, Interlibrary Loan, Academic Libraries, Library


Library and Information Science

In Our Comfort Zone: 2 Years Post Tipasa from ILLiad



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