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Faculty buy-in of an institutional repository can be an uphill battle. Even as IRs become more common and more popular, some faculty may still not understand what it is or how it can benefit them. Other faculty may understand the concept of an IR but might be frustrated by the thought of it being just another administrative task added to their ever-increasing to-do list. The need to educate faculty on why the repository is important and how it can support their pursuit of tenure and promotion goals remains a challenge for most IR administrators. Do you start with the faculty or the administration? Do you try to talk to faculty one-on-one or do you go to department meetings? Can you hold open sessions in the library or other central locations on campus? This poster will address these questions and will provide a framework that you can take back to your campus and use to build rapport with faculty.

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Institutional Repository, Scholarly Communications, Faculty Adoption, Outreach


Library and Information Science | Scholarly Communication

If You Build It, Will They Come?



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