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Outreach programs on university campuses are crucial to reducing anxiety in students from diverse backgrounds who may not have been introduced to an academic library environment, its resources, and its role in their academic success. Traditional liaison programs are geared towards students within their majors; as the campus evolves, so must the role of the liaison.

At the University of Alabama Libraries we have partnered with the Student Support Services (SSS) TRiO program, a grant-funded program through the U. S. Department of Education that works to increase the retention and graduation rates of first generation college students, students with limited family income, and students with disabilities. The presenters, working in conjunction with the Academic Counselors in SSS, have created a comprehensive outreach program through which they are able to engage with the students on multiple levels while remaining cognizant of the pressures and needs of the individual students in the program.




Student Support Services, Outreach, TRIO, Academic Support


Information Literacy | Library and Information Science


Presentation at the Alabama Library Association convention in 2017.

Partnering with Academic Support Programs to Promote Student Success



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