Capturing Physical Education Teacher Performance: Considerations and Ethical Conducts for Teachscape and Other New Technologies in the Classroom.

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The use of video technology for capturing and analyzing teaching practice is emerging as a powerful assessment and improves teaching practice in physical education. Teachscape is a set of video recording tool which consists of I-pod, tripod, lens and microphone. The purpose of this present study was to examine the benefits and challenges on using Teachscape regarding physical education teachers' effectiveness. Results showed that the benefits of Teachscape include: (1) it is easy to carry and set up; (2) it covers covers a wide range of angles (wide-angle lens); (3) the data are considered permanent; (4) observers can revisit according to their need, and (5) it is convenient to analyze data. However, there are some challenge factors using Teachscape. These are: limited memory capacity, inconsistent sound quality, (outside class) large observed filed, limited battery capacity, distraction for the class (both instructors and students) and time-consuming. This examination also includes supplements to Teachscape to enhance the classroom setting. In short, it is fairly simple to use Teachscape. Therefore, it is highly recommended that practitioners should be familiar with each function of Teachscape and have accurate executing skills by practicing and observing a skilled performer.

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