Softball- Nothing Soft About it

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Softball is a popular sport in the United States and continues to grow internationally. It is a team sport that enables females and males of all age groups to participate. Softball is an enjoyable and exciting sport and provides significant health benefits, such as enhancing fitness as well as upper- and lower-body strength. Additionally, important social skills can be learned by interacting with coaches and teammates. Although softball has many positive effects on participants, inherent risks could lead to injuries. Thus, it is important for physical education teachers, coaches and practitioners to provide a safe environment for participants in order to make the experience of softball safe and enjoyable. Physical education programs should also ensure that teachers are protected from liability. The main purpose of this article is to call attention to the types of injures that are common in softball, as well as to the related legal liability and risk management. This article also offers ways to prevent softball injuries and describes safety equipment that can reduce injuries.



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Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance

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