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This research examined graduate students in physical education TA (teaching assistant) positions instructing lower level classes, and how classroom management skills prior to student teaching may improve the quality of TA classroom instruction. A survey was conducted with TA graduate students instructing lower level classes and an examination of their opinions and open mindedness as to the idea of education in leadership methods and class management to improve the quality of TA instruction. The following questions were examined in the survey: comparative importance between classroom management and mastery of skills, having detailed knowledge of a subject to teach entry level classes in this subject or having leadership capabilities to successfully manage the class, and knowledge level of the subjects they are teaching. This study revealed that most TAs believe that knowing and developing classroom management skills can help enhance their efficiency of content delivery for students. Thus, it is imperative for colleges and universities to seek highly qualified individuals with TA positions while providing training to improve their classroom management and leadership skills. The authors offer suggestions for development of TAs further.



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Journal of Sports Science

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