Submissions from 2019

‘Never be free without trustin’ some person’: Networking and buying freedom in the nineteenth-century United States, Julia W. Bernier

Melite Civitas Romana project: Preliminary results from GPR survey, R. Brown, D. Cardona, L. de Giorgi, G. Leucci, B. Lowe, R. Persico, D. Tanasi, and A. Wilkinson

Submissions from 2018

Hermann Samuel Reimarus, the Jewish priests of the Old Testament and the trope of imposture, Ulrich Groetsch

Manilius and the Logistics of Salting in the Roman World, Benedict Lowe

Submissions from 2016

External loading during daily living improves high intensity tasks under load, Jordan B. Lowe, Eric M. Scudamore, Samantha L. Johnson, Veronika Pribyslavska, Mary C. Stevenson-Wilcoxson, James M. Green, and Eric K. O'Neal

Influence of carbohydrate mouth rinsing on running and jumping performance during early morning soccer scrimmaging, Veronika Přibyslavská, Eric Michael Scudamore, Samantha Louise Johnson, James Matthew Green, Mary Caitlin Stevenson Wilcoxson, Jordan Blaine Lowe, and Eric Kyle O’Neal

Submissions from 2013

24-h fluid kinetics and perception of sweat losses following a 1-h run in a temperate environment, Eric K. O'Neal, Christina R. Caufield, Jordan B. Lowe, Mary C. Stevenson, Brett A. Davis, and Lauren K. Thigpen

Submissions from 2011

Reimarus, the cardinal, and the remaking of cassius Dio's Roman history, Ulrich Groetsch

Submissions from 1998


Republicanism in the Age of Democratic Revolution: The Democratic-Republican Societies of the 1790s, Matthew G. Schoenbachler

Submissions from 1996

Sizing up earth: A universal method for applying eratosthenes' earth measurement, George J. Makowski and William R. Strong