From business intelligence to real-time business intelligence: Imperatives and guidelines

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Business Intelligence (BI) has become a necessity in today's highly competitive and rapidly changing marketplace. BI enables companies to identify their strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of their competitors, allowing them to better identify opportunities and threats in the business environment. The latest generation of BI, real-time BI, allows companies to enhance real-time decisions and current operations for a broader group of users. By enabling more people to share "zerolatency" information, real-time BI allows companies to take appropriate actions in real-time when opportunities or problems are discovered, and thus to maximize revenues and minimize costs. For real-time BI to be effective, however, it is important for companies to approach the adoption and the ensuing transition period carefully. This paper first introduces BI, then discusses the imperatives ofmigrating from BI to real-time BI, and finallypresents a set of guidelines to accomplish it.

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Information Management in the Modern Organizations: Trends and Solutions - Proceedings of the 9th International Business Information Management Association Conference

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