An Ultra Low Power Personalizable Wrist Worn ECG Monitor Integrated with IoT Infrastructure

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© 2013 IEEE. Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the U.K., motivating the use of long term wearable devices to monitor the heart in out-of-the-clinic settings. While a wide number of heart rate measuring wearable devices are now available, they are principally based upon photoplethysmography rather than the electrocardiogram (ECG) and are stand-alone devices rather than integrated with Internet-of-Things infrastructures which collect and combine information from a wide range of sensors. This paper presents a wrist worn ECG sensor which integrates with the SPHERE IoT platform-the UK's demonstrator platform for health monitoring in the home environment, combining a range of on-person and ambient sensors. The ECG device integrates ultralow power consumption electronics with personalizable 3-D printed casings which maintain gold standard Ag/AgCl electrodes to provide measurements of the raw ECG waveform, heart rate, and meanNN and SDNN heart rate variability parameters. The end device allows for more than a month of battery life for a weight of <50 g including the watch straps. The design and heart sensing performance of the device are presented in detail, together with the integration with the SPHERE IoT platform.

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IEEE Access

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