Vesta: A digital health analytics platform for a smart home in a box

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© 2020 This paper presents Vesta, a digital health platform composed of a smart home in a box for data collection and a machine learning based analytic system for deriving health indicators using activity recognition, sleep analysis and indoor localization. This system has been deployed in the homes of 40 patients undergoing a heart valve intervention in the United Kingdom (UK) as part of the EurValve project, measuring patients health and well-being before and after their operation. In this work a cohort of 20 patients are analyzed, and 2 patients are analyzed in detail as example case studies. A quantitative evaluation of the platform is provided using patient collected data, as well as a comparison using standardized Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) which are commonly used in hospitals, and a custom survey. It is shown how the ubiquitous in-home Vesta platform can increase clinical confidence in self-reported patient feedback. Demonstrating its suitability for digital health studies, Vesta provides deeper insight into the health, well-being and recovery of patients within their home.

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Future Generation Computer Systems

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