Socially awkward: Social media usage in county-level government

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This study proposes to investigate the presence and use of social media, and impact of citizens' demographic factors on social media use and demand in county governments. Despite its transformative potential, e-government growth has been sluggish. Social media is transforming the nature of interaction between individuals and organizations, but its presence and use has been lackluster in local governments as revealed by this pilot study. Understanding if, how, and to what end are governments harnessing social media will help make e-government a citizen-driven, democratic, transparent, and trustworthy platform. County governments in particular are challenged by their size and resource availability in addition to a heterogeneous service area (both urban and rural) and varying population density. These limitations prevent attaining a critical mass of users necessary for online success. By exploring social media's role in e-government and citizen participation, this study will provide a comparison between county and municipal governments and address the gap in county e-government research to further address the efficacy of meeting citizen's needs by social media in local government.

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20th Americas Conference on Information Systems, AMCIS 2014

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