Extending the Narrative Process: Guided Imagery in Career Construction Counseling

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© 2018 by the National Career Development Association. All rights reserved. Guided imagery and its use are fairly well documented in the career literature. With the rise of idiographic approaches to career counseling, there is opportunity to reinvigorate and advance the use of guided imagery in career intervention. Toward this aim, the authors present the use of career narrative-generated guided imagery (CGI) in career construction counseling. After reviewing the use of guided imagery in career counseling generally, the authors apply the technique to career construction counseling specifically. Narrative data derived from the career construction interview (Savickas,) allow for the development of 4 distinct scripts that can be applied to career counseling: meaning making, identity, adaptability, and job trial. A case vignette demonstrates the use and efficacy of CGI in career construction counseling.

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Career Development Quarterly

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