New host records for alloglossidium progeneticum digenea: Alloglossiidae in crayfishes decapoda: Cambaridae from Arkansas and Oklahoma, U.S.A.

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© The Helminthological Society of Washington. We examined 125 individual crayfish representing 9 species from Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, U.S.A., for the presence of the antennal gland digenetic trematode Alloglossidium. Fifteen 12% individuals were found to harbor Alloglossidium progeneticum, which is reported for the first time from the following second intermediate hosts: 2 of 7 29% Orconectes longidigitus longpincered crayfish, 3 of 53 6%rconectes ozarkae Ozark crayfish, 3 of 15 20% Orconectes punctimanus spothanded crayfish, 4 of 7 57% Procambarus ouachitae Ouachita River crayfish from Arkansas, and 3 of 10 30% Orconectes menae Mena crayfish from Oklahoma. Four other crayfish species were negative for infection.

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Comparative Parasitology

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