Histopathology of larval trematode infections in the freshwater pulmonate snail, Helisoma anceps

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A histological examination of Diplostomulum scheuringi and Halipegus occidualis infections in the pulmonate snail, Helisoma anceps, revealted extensive damage caused by the parasites. Sporocysts of D. scheuringi were found in the digestive gland and gonad of infected snails. Several extensive encapsulation responses were noted in the digestive gland. These foci are believed to have been elicited around both sporocysts and migrating cercariae. The castration of snails infected by D. scheuringi is believed to be chemically mediated. Rediae of H. occidualis caused significant mechanical damage to both hepatopancreatic and gonadal tissue of H. anceps. Castration was almost always found to be the result of infection by this paratsite species. The damage was primarily mechanically mediated, through direct ingestion of tissue by the rediae. © 1987.

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Journal of Invertebrate Pathology

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