Effects of acute temperature and thermal acclimation on aquatic and terrestrial locomotor performance of the three-lined salamander, Eurycea guttolineata

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Previous studies indicate that amphibians lack the ability to acclimate locomotor performance to different temperatures after metamorphosis. I evaluated thermal effects on aquatic and terrestrial locomotion in adults of the semi-aquatic salamander Eurycea guttolineata. Burst speed exhibited thermal dependence which paralleled that for tail-beat or stride frequency. Aquatic speed was significantly greater at 8°C acclimation than at 18°C acclimation, whereas terrestrial speed was not affected by thermal acclimation. Burst speed exhibited significant short-term repeatability. My data indicate that this species makes compensatory adjustments in locomotor performance in cool aquatic habitats, which may be related to seasonal reproductive activities.

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Journal of Thermal Biology

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