High fidelity simulation effectiveness in nursing students' transfer of learning

Tera R. Kirkman, University of North Alabama


BACKGROUND: Members of nursing faculty are utilizing interactive teaching tools to improve nursing student's clinical judgment; one method that has been found to be potentially effective is high fidelity simulation (HFS). The purpose of this time series design study was to determine whether undergraduate nursing students were able to transfer knowledge and skills learned from classroom lecture and a HFS clinical to the traditional clinical setting.METHOD: Students (n=42) were observed and rated on their ability to perform a respiratory assessment. The observations and ratings took place at the bedside, prior to a respiratory lecture, following the respiratory lecture, and following simulation clinical.RESULTS: The findings indicated that there was a significant difference (p=0.000) in transfer of learning demonstrated over time.CONCLUSIONS: Transfer of learning was demonstrated and the use of HFS was found to be an effective learning and teaching method. Implications of results are discussed.