New business students: Comparing perceptions of accounting and IS as careers

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The purpose of this study was to examine which business majors are currently being selected by new business major and, more particularly, to examine why students are not majoring in information systems. Students in an entry level business class responded that they were more knowledgeable about careers in management, marketing, accounting, and finance than they were about careers in information systems. Students indicated they were most interested in occupations demonstrating promotion opportunities, high earnings, occupational growth, job security, and flexible career paths. These business students indicated they are mostly lack knowledge of and are unaware of the information systems major and associated occupations. Their knowledge void apparently leads them to perceive information systems negatively in regards to desirable payoffs such as earnings, growth potential, and interacting with people. Furthermore, accounting occupations were generally viewed more positively than are IS/IT professions, even on characteristics such as earnings where authoritative sources would favor IS/IT.

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SIGED: IAIM 2007, Proceedings - 22nd Annual Conference

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