Annual Alabama Library Support Staff Workshop

May 17, 2019

Located at

Collier Library

University of North Alabama


The University of North Alabama’s Collier Library, in conjunction with other university libraries in northwest Alabama, would like to take the opportunity to invite you to the first Annual Alabama Library Support Staff Workshop to be held at Collier Library on the campus of the University of North Alabama on Friday May 17, 2019. This is a workshop for library support staff, presented and organized by library support staff. Please mark your calendar for this date and come join us for a great day of learning, sharing and professional development.

Having affordable and accessible enrichment or development for support staff in academic libraries is not easily found. In an effort to alleviate this in some way, we have established the Annual Alabama Library Support Staff Workshop. This workshop will provide a forum for this particular group to develop ideas and share concerns that specifically affect support staff in the library setting.

The workshop will present topics that are relevant to library support staff. This year’s topics will include:

Round Table Discussion:

  1. Staff advancement/promotion- What to do after you hit your limit? What programs provide more opportunities? Is there training out there? Continuing education? Share your story.
  2. What issues is your library currently facing? Has your library recently overcome any issues? Share your failures, triumphs, challenges, etc.

Topic Ideas:

  1. How do support staff or the paraprofessional stay relevant in a changing future?
  2. How do you train staff for improved interactions with a diverse student body? How do you make the moments teachable and give the students more self-confidence?
  3. What innovative technology is your library using? What experiences can you share?
  4. Effective and successful library training; How do we train the trainer?
  5. How do you accommodate non-university affiliated stakeholder (ex. general public) in the academic library?
  6. How are you making the most of your building? What expensive projects have you completed? What inexpensive projects have you completed? What has been impactful? Share your stories.
  7. Workshop registration is free.

    The deadline for Registration is May 3, 2019.

    If you have further questions about the workshop, please contact Emily Patterson,

    We look forward to seeing you on May 17, 2019!